Through investing in standard engineering we offer user-friendly advanced electronic high-efficiency designs, for all water treatment solutions.
commercial reverse osmosis system

Engineered Standard Applications

Excalibur provides standard engineering solutions for the following applications. Select an application button below to learn more.

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Our unique solutions feature advanced designs and provide maximum return on investment with continued every day cost savings.

water disinfection

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金宝搏官网欢迎你 offers chemical and ultraviolet disinfection systems to eliminate bacterial contamination.  Coming Soon...


Desalination is a process in which a high concentration of dissolved inorganic solids (salts) are removed from sea water or some well water applications.  Coming Soon...
commercial reverse osmosis

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EXCALIBUR WATER SYSTEMS COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS provide reliable, resilient, high-capacity water softening, filtration, reverse osmosis and disinfection solutions, exceeding all of your commercial requirements.
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commercial projects

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EXPLORE EXCALIBUR WATER SYSTEMS RECENT water softening, filtration, reverse osmosis and disinfection commercial application projects.
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